Vydavateľ: Ikar
ISBN: 9788055141602
Poč.strán: 96
Rok vydania: 2016
Väzba: brožovaná
Formát: 170x233
Jazyk: anglický
Pridané: 20.04. 2016

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Autor: Lacika Ján

Bratislava is at once hilly and flat; old and young; historical and modern; big, and yet small; metropolitan and provincial; lively and tranquil. It is a city of many, often contradictory, appearances.
The slogan “Little Big City” describes it perfectly; it is as dynamic and busy as capitals tend to be, but also quiet, provincial and relaxed. While the size of Bratislava is comparable to Vienna, a big portion of its area is covered with the forests of the Small Carpathians and the Danube Lowland – the green lungs of the city. The most attractive things in Bratislava are concentrated in a small area. The labyrinth of streets and small squares contains a captivating promenade pulsating with high quality culture and entertainment; and within a short distance one can find quiet and intimate nooks offering blissful rest.
Modern Bratislava is no longer merely a short detour for visitors to nearby Vienna. The Slovak capital surely deserves more than just a quick glance at some historical monuments followed by a spot of lunch. With this book in hand let us discover and admire Bratislava!

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