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ISBN: 9788024752501
Poč.strán: 132
Rok vydania: 2024
Väzba: viazaná
Formát: 235x163
Jazyk: anglický
Pridané: 21.05. 2024

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Secrets of Prague

Autor: Černý David

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Do you know why the bridge gate between the?Lesser Town bridge towers does not face out on?Charles Bridge but is at a slant? Do you know what is written in a message to future generations and which was hidden in the wooden statue of the apostle of Doubting Thomas on?the?Prague astronomical clock? Do you know that the churches of the Prague New Town are a chronicle of the life of Charles IV and make up the magic cross of the New Jerusalem? Do you know that a tree grows in Prague under which the celebrated composer Ludwig van Beethoven courted the young Countess Josephine? Do you know that during difficult times corpses were stored on the streets of Prague?Come explore with us the mysteries of magical Prague!